Lebold Mansion,

Lebold Mansion is a Victorian-era house in Abilene, Kansas, USA. The mansion was built in 1880 by banker Conrad Lebold. Constructed of native Kansas limestone, it is considered to be one of the finest Victorian decorative art museums in the midwest. Lebold Mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

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The museum been featured in Victorian Homes Magazine and Victorian Decorating Magazine. The Lebold Mansion has recently undergone an extensive restoration to return it to the decorative style popular in the 1880s. Its 23 rooms have been redecorated with period furniture.

In 1857 Tim and Eliza Hersey, the founders and first inhabitants of Abilene, built a stone dugout in the location where the Lebold Mansion stands today. The Hersey dugout was incorporated into the construction of the mansion's tower and is preserved as part of the foundation located at the tower's base. Tour patrons still can view the dugout when touring the home.

The Mansion has served many purposes in its 125 years of existence. In 1920 it was used by the local phone company as a boarding house for telephone operators. In 1930 it became an orphanage and finally an apartment building from 1940-1970. It has survived amazingly intact and has been under constant upkeep and restoration as a historic house museum since 1973.

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