Lake Waconda

Waconda Lake (Glen Elder Reservoir) State Park & Wildlife Area comprise one of Kansas' most scenic and popular outdoor attractions. Located in north central Kansas in the heart of the Solomon River Valley, Waconda Lake is located on and can be easily seen from U.S. Highway 24. The lake is about 12 miles east of Beloit and just east of Cawker City.


The reservoir's swimming, camping, boating, hunting, and fishing areas are easily accessible to the public. On of Kansas' premier hunting and fishing locations, the Glen Elder Wildlife Area consists of 13,000 land acres and 12,586 water acres.

Waconda lake is considered by some to be the best overall fishing lake in Kansas. The reservoir has good populations of walleye, white bass, striped bass, crappie, largemouth bass, and catfish. For fishermen, there are two main areas. The earth dam is nearly three miles in length. There is also over 13,000 acres of land surrounding the lake that are managed for public recreation.

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