Hall of Fame

The Greyhound Hall of Fame is located in Abilene, Kansas, which is also known as the Greyhound Capital of the nation. The Greyhound Hall of Fame offers a complete introduction to the Greyhound breed, the sport, and its long and colorful history.


The history of Greyhounds from 5,000 B.C., through its rich heritage in England and Ireland, to its racing development in America is presented in colorful displays.The Greyhound Hall of Fame is a non-profit museum sponsored by contributions from people who know and love the sport of Greyhound racing.

Docile by nature, but capable of speeds exceeding 40 miles an hour, the Greyhound has set itself apart from other members of the canine world to become a professional athlete.

Pioneers of the Greyhound industry and outstanding Greyhounds from America, Australia, Great Britain and Ireland are immortalized in the Hall of Fame area. Displays from major Greyhound tracks across the country are also featured in the museum. Interactive computer displays let the viewer select and breed winning Greyhounds, or watch major races from the past to the present.

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