Elk City Lake

Elk City Lake provides a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities and features a lake shoreline nearly 50 miles long, containing over 4,500 acres of water and 12,000 acres of wildlife. Elk City Lake id located in Montgomery County, about five miles west of the city of Independence.


The lake site also features a large state sark. The prominent feature of the lake and park is the precipitous limestone bluff known as Table Mound. In autumn, the native hardwoods bring an abundance of fall foliage color to the site. Activities include hunting, fishing, camping, boating, swimming, hiking and picnicking.

Elk City Lake offers three beautiful park areas. Each is 12 months a year with picnic and camping sites, some with electricity. The parks also include swimming areas, boat launching ramps, water hydrants, sanitary facilities, showers, fireplaces, playgrounds and group shelters.

Two of the six hiking trails located at Elk City Reservoir are noted for being the first trails in the state of Kansas to receive the National Trails designation. The scenic Elk River Hiking Trail comprises fifteen miles from the west edge of the dam to the bridge on Elk River.

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