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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1872. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 1, 1872 - The People's National Bank of Ottawa, Kansas, was the 1,910th bank organized under the national bank law.

Feb. 14, 1872 - A cold-blooded murder was committed at Peabody by Lewis Crawford upon the esteemed citizen Mr. C. H. Davenport.

Feb. 22, 1872 - The corner stone of a much improved school buidling was laid in El Dorado.

Mar. 20, 1872 - Blue Rapids was incorporated as a city of the third class.

Mar. 22, 1872 - The Burlington postoffice was entered by burglars in the night and robbed of $460 in money and stamps.

Mar. 26, 1872 - The town of Beloit was platted.

May 16, 1872
- Barton County was officially chartered as a legal entity.

Apr. 8, 1872 - Official orders to abandon Fort Harker were received at the installation.

Apr. 10, 1872 - Blue Rapids, as a town, was nearly wiped out by one of those events that frequently occur in a newly settled country -- a prairie fire.

Jun. 4, 1872 - The Emporia National Bank, was established with a capital stock of $50,000.

Jun. 4, 1872 - A group of men from Saline County, led by L. G. Skancke (based on a tip from the clerk of the land office), hired an old stage, driven by one Mr. Huebner, and loaded up with crackers, cheese and 'et ceteras,' they dashed out of Salina bright and early (4 a. m.) Sunday morning to survey the new city of McPherson.

Jun. 17, 1872
- The city of Great Bend is incorporated.

Jul. 6, 1872 - The organization of the Elk County Agricultural Society took place at the village of Longton, .

Jul. 16, 1872 - The County Board of Commisioners made the following order: "That horses, mules, asses, horned cattle, hogs, sheep, etc., shall not be allowed to run at large in the County of Barton, in the State of Kansas.

Aug. 2, 1872 - The official plat for Colony, Kansas was filed with the state of Kansas.

Aug. 6, 1872 - The Osawatomie Monumental Association was organized, the trustees being H. B. Smith, H. H. Williams, and Rev. S. L. Adair, the object being"to erect a monument to the martyrs who fell in the battle of Osawatomie, August 30, 1856."

Aug. 10, 1872 - The people voted $5,000 in bonds for the erection of a brick schoolhouse in Newton.

Sep. 5, 1872
- Crews laying track for the Atchison, Topeka, and Sante Fe Railroad reached Dodge City, Kansas from the East.

Nov. 14, 1872 - The Harvey County Agricultural and Mechanical Society was incorporated with a capital stock of $3,000.

November, 1872 - The first marriage in the Barton County was solemnized at Great Bend, the contracting parties being Jonathan F. Tilton and Miss Addie Easley.

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