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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1870. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 4, 1870 - An election was held to select the county seat of Cloud County. Concordia beat out Sibley by a margin of 165 votes to 129.

Jan. 8, 1870
- the Arkansas River Ferry Co. received a charter from the state of Kansas for a ferry near the town of Delphi

Jan. 14, 1870 - La Cygne was incorporated as a village.

Feb. 8, 1870 - Oswego was incorporated as a town.

Feb. 28, 1870
The city of Humboldt was incorporated as a city of the second class.

Feb. 28, 1870 - Iola was incorporated as a city of the second class by an act of the legislature.

Mar. 9, 1870 - The first birth in Chautauqua County birth was recoded, was that of Grundy White.

April 8, 1870 - The first freight train entered Columbus; on the 11th, running on the M. R., Ft. S. & G tracks

Apr. 12, 1870 - The "Illinois Colony" arrived at the forks of Buffalo Creek in Jewell County.

May 20, 1870 - The track of the Neosho Division of the Missouri Pacific Railroad reached the present location of Parsons.

Jun. 4, 1870 - M. Smith, Probate Circuit Judge of Howard County, issued the first Chautauqua County marriage license to J. M. Cole and Margaret J. Comer, and on the next day united them in the legal bonds of matrimony.

Jul. 23, 1870 - Pursuant to a proclamation issued by the Probate Judge, Independence became incorporated as a village.

Aug. 12, 1870 - The first birth in Harvey county occurred, that of Rosa A., daughter of Charles Schaefer.

Aug. 31, 1870 - The first newspaper was published, the Cowley County Censor, owned and edited by A. J. Patrick.

Sep. 15, 1870 - an informal meeting of the old settlers of Lawrence and vicinity was held at Lawrence, this being the sixteenth anniversary of the founding of Lawrence, and resulted in the formation of the Old Settlers' Association.

Oct. 6, 1870 - A meeting of the Special Board of County Commissioners was held to officially organize Lincoln County.

Oct. 17, 1870 - La Cygne Lodge, No. 66, I. O. O. F. (Odd Fellows) was chartered with an initial membership of with seven.

Nov. 10, 1870 - The citizens of Douglass, in Southwest Butler County, found near the house of George Booth four dead bodies, with the warning notice 'Shot for horse thieves.'

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