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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1867. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Feb. 3, 1867 - The act was approved by the Kansas Legislature which fixed the boundariesof Bourbon County.

Mar. 9, 1867 - Rev. Charles Parker organized the First Presbyterian church of Holton.

May 8, 1867 - The plat of the town of Ellsworth and accompanying certificate was filed for record in Saline County, to which Ellsworth County was then attached for judicial and municipal purposes.

Jun. 8, 1867 - The Smoky Hill River suddenly arose to its full dignity, and in a short time the flourishing town of Ellsworth was standing in about four feet of water.

Jun. 28, 1867 - The first case of cholera at the Fort Harker was diagnosed; within days, one civilian and one soldier had died from the disease, and the epidemic had spread to other soldiers and civilians at the fort. By the end of the year the official report tabulated 392 cases with 24 deaths among the white troops and 500 cases with 22 deaths among the black troops.

July 1, 1867 - The cholera broke out almost simultaneously at Ellsworth and Fort Harker, and made terrible ravages at both places.

August, 1867 - The first herds of cattle from Texas, as arranged by Joseph McCoy, arrive in Abilene.

Sep. 17, 1867 - A fire broke out in Chetopa, and consumed several buildings, among them the Fisher & Sturgis' block, causing a loss of about $25,000.

Nov. 6,1867 - The first marriage license issued in Cherokee County was to Clark Johnson and Viena Young, who were married on this date.

Dec. 5, 1867 - The annual Regents Report showed that there were 105 total students registered at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

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