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This page contains a collection of things that occurred in Kansas during the year 1854. Wherever possible, a link has been provided to a page containing more information.



Jan. 11, 1854 - The Reverend Mr. Meeker died at his Baptist mission in Ottawa.

May 30, 1854 - The Kansas-Nebraska Act became law, establishing the Nebraska Territory and Kansas Territory.

Jun. 24, 1854 - The first meeting of "The Squatter Association of Kansas" was held on this date in Doniphan County, in the home of J. R. Whitehead.

June, 1854
- As soon as it was definitely known that Kansas Territory would be opened to settlement, the pro-slavery party in Missouri began to lay plans by which the county would be settled by men of their political faith. Some of the first settlers were a party from Iatan, Mo., who took claims in the vicinity of Oak Mills in Atchison County

June 1854 - Charles H. Withington became the first settler in Lyon County when he opened a store on the Santa Fe Trail in the far North of the county.

Jul. 17, 1854 - The pioneer party of the Emigrant Aid Company of Massachusetts, consisting of twenty-nine men, left Massachusetts bound for the place selected for the city of Lawrence.

Aug. 1, 1854 - The pioneer party of the Emigrant Aid Company of Massachusetts arrived at the site of the present city of Lawrence about noon on Tuesday, August 1 and ate their first meal on the ridge, or "backbone" of the high hill, upon which now stands the State University.

Aug. 29, 1854 - The second party of the Emigrant Aid Company of Massachusetts under the direction of Dr. Charles Robinson and Samuel C. Pomeroy, left Boston from the Boston & Worcester depot.

Sep. 1, 1854 - Rev. S. Y. Lum, sent by the Home Mission Board of the Congregational Churches, accompanied the second Emigrant Aid Company party and arrived in Lawrence.

Sep. 18, 1854 - The Lawrence association was formed by the original settlers and a constitution adopted. It provided for the usual form of city government

Sep. 20, 1854 - Henry Kuhn finished surveying the 480 acres and made a plat of the city which would become Atchison, Kansas.

Oct. 1, 1854 - Moses Pomeroy, a fine young man, an only son, leaving parents and two sisters to grieve became the first death to occur among the original settler of Lawrence.

Oct. 6, 1854 - The town which had been called Wakarusa, New Boston and Yankee Town, was christened, the name Lawrence City being adopted, by election at a town meeting, first to honor Amos A, Lawrence of Boston, both as an individual and officer of the company, and second, because the name sounded well and had no bad odor attached to it in any part of the Union."

Oct., 1854 - Atchison county was surveyed into townships in 1854 and 1855, and into sections in the fall of that 1855. One of the earliest, and practically the only free-state settlement in Atchison County, was started in Center township by Caleb May.

Nov. 11, 1854 - The Postoffice at Marysville was established (in Territorial days), Francis J. Marshall being appointed Postmaster.

Nov. 12, 1854 - The first marriage was solemnized in Nemaha County, by Rev. Thomas Newton, the contacting parties being Charles Leachman and Mrs. Caroline Davenport, a widower and widow, who had emigrated from Iowa, to which State they shortly after returned.

Nov. 29, 1854 - Border Ruffians swayed the vote in favor of a pro-slavery territorial representative to Congress.

Dec. 6, 1854 - The first birth occurred at Leavenworth, that of Cora Leavenworth Kyle, daughter of A. T. Kyle, and granddaughter of "Uncle" George Keller, at the Leavenworth Hotel.

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