Stanley Sheldon

Stanley Sheldon is a bass guitar player best known for his work with Peter Frampton. His first recorded work with Frampton was the Frampton Comes Alive double album. Sheldon was born in 1950 in Ottawa, Kansas where he joined his first band, "The Lost Souls."


He played on subsequent Frampton albums, I'm in You, and Where I Should Be . His most recent collaboration was contributing as cowriter and bass player on Frampton's 2007 Grammy winning instrumental album Fingerprints. He is notable as an early adopter of the fretless bass for rock music. Sheldon spent most of the decade of the 1990's devoted to Latin American Studies. During this period Sheldon traveled widely throughout Latin America with his studies focused on slave society of the nineteenth century in the various Latin countries, and how its influence on past music continues to affect the trasformation and hybridization of world music today.

Sheldon has also recorded with his late friend Tommy Bolin, on Teaser for the Nemperor label, and also performs on various Bolin archival releases. Other recorded works include Lou Gramm Ready or Not, and Ronin,a co-assembled group of session musicians, Sheldon,Waddy Wachtel, Rick Marotta, and Dan Dugmore. Sheldon has also toured with Warren Zevon on Zevon's 1978 Excitable Boy tour. Additional recording work for the Christian music songwriter David Ruis and more recently Sheldon co-produced and played on the Mayhew Family album Songs from the Third Floor.

Sheldon has performed on Hollywood movie soundtracks, most notably the Cheech and Chong comedy Up in Smoke.

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