Ron Logan

Ron Logan is the former Executive Vice President, Executive Producer, for Walt Disney Entertainment. He was responsible for creating, casting, and producing all live entertainment products for The Walt Disney Company. He was also Executive Vice President of the Walt Disney Special Events Group, and Executive Vice President of Disney Special Programs, Incorporated.


Ron holds both BA and MA degrees in Music and Music Education from UCLA. Ron was a founding member of the International Foundation for Jazz, a corporate advisory council established in support of the International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE). He is a board member of the Orlando Repertory Theatre (UCF), serves on the Board of Directors (USA) for the Famous People Players (Canada) and the International Theatre in Long Beach, California. He is an Associate Professor at The University of Central Florida, Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

He has been a performer, a high school , junior college and college teacher, a conductor, and a music industry professional. Growing up in Leavenworth, Kansas, he studied trumpet, violin, piano, and dance. He began performing professionally when he was in the ninth grade, has played in bands and orchestras nationwide. He has also performed as a trumpet player and singer on recordings, television, motion pictures, and with name bands and lounge acts throughout the United States.

He began his career at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California in the 1960s as a trumpet player.

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