Gilbert Brown

Gilbert Brown is a former American football defensive tackle. While a draft pick of the Minnesota Vikings in the 3rd round, 79th overall out of Kansas, Brown went on to play for their rivals, the Green Bay Packers. Brown played for 10 seasons. Brown was a very large nose tackle, known especially for exhibiting his signature "Gravedigger" celebration after making a play, mockingly digging the opponent's grave with an imaginary shovel.


Gilbert grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He played college football for the University of Kansas Jayhawks

A "Gilbertburger" was for a time available in Green Bay area Burger King restaurantsafter fans picked up that Gilbert Brown ordered Double Whopper sandwiches, double everything, no pickles. During his time with the Green Bay Packers, Gilbert helped the Packers win a super bowl in 1996.

Gilbert was recently featured in the Sports Illustrated special, "Where Are They Now?", featuring former professional athletes and what they are up to. Brown is currently a co-owner of the Milwaukee Mile, a racetrack that is often used for NASCAR races. Gilbert even claims that he will occasionally fit his massive frame inside a race car and take a few laps. In a ESPN News interview Brown said that he still wanted to play in the NFL, he is just waiting for someone to give him a job.

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