Dee Wallace-Stone

Dee Wallace-Stone (born Deanna Bowers on Dec. 14, 1948, in Kansas City, Kansas) is an U.S. motion picture and television actress. She is remembered for her roles in several popular films. These include the starring role as Elliot's divorced mother in the Steven Spielberg film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), her widest seen role.


She also played key roles in popular cult films The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and The Howling (1981) and appeared in The Stepford Wives in 1975 and 10 (1979). In total, she has appeared in more than 85 films. She graduated from the University of Kansas with an education degree. She married fellow actor Christopher Stone in 1980, with whom she had one daughter, Gabrielle.

Stone's father was an abusive alcoholic who later committed suicide. She has often spoken out at seminars on alcoholism and child abuse. She said she turned to dancing and acting to escape these painful memories. Wallace Stone appeared in the television series Together We Stand (1986 — 1987) and the syndicated The New Lassie (1989 — 1992). In the latter series, she appeared with her husband Christopher Stone, with whom she also co-starred in Cujo (1983).

Wallace Stone remains popularly known for her horror film roles. She has appeared at many horror film conventions and has a reputation for being very kind and generous with her many admirers and fans. She has also opened an acting studio to mentor young actors. Her husband died suddenly in 1995 of a heart attack while filming The Frighteners in New Zealand. Coincidentally The Frighteners told the story of a series of bizarre, inexplicable heart attack-related deaths.

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