Brian McClendon

With eighteen years of technical development experience, Brian McClendon has focused on product execution and delivery in the context of complex graphics software and hardware. He was formerly Director of Set-top Engineering with @Home and before that managed system simulation/verification for Infinite Reality at SGI. Brian received a BS/EE. from the University of Kansas in 1986.


Brian was the VP of Engineering at Keyhole, Inc., which was founded in 2001, as a pioneering software development company specializing in geospatial data visualization applications that was acquired by Google in 2004. Initially launched as a spin-off of Intrinsic Graphics, first round funding came from a Sony venture capital fund and others, additional capital came from an NVIDIA bundling deal, from the CIA (via its venture-capital appendage, In-Q-Tel) and from McClendon himself, who also came on as a board member and VP.

Keyhole's marquee application suite, Earth Viewer, emerged as the highly successful Google Earth application in 2005; other aspects of core technology survive in Google Maps, Google Mobile and the Keyhole Markup Language.

Brian takes the credit for making Lawrence, Kansas the initial reference point for Google Earth.

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